Takeo - Mermaid (Bister)

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Colore: Arancione
Touch & Fell
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    A feltmark is the surface structure imparted to paper at the paper mill by using felt with a woven pattern that transfers to the surface of the paper.
    MERMAID, which was designed and launched in 1956 under the editorial supervision of designer Hiromu Hara (1903-1986) is a feltmarked fine paper produced by machine in Japan.
    The resemblance of the feltmark to gentle waves inspired the paper’s name, and it was launched as MERMAID RIPPLE, recalling the gentle waves of a sea where mermaids live. Then, in 1960, it became known simply as MERMAID.
    MERMAID has a rich variety of color and weights, selected in 1999 under the editorial supervision of graphic designer Ikko Tanaka (1930-2002). It is widely used for painting and as design paper, and is widely appreciated as a paper for use in bookbinding.
    MERMAID can be manufactured without using aluminium sulphate, a chemical that is one factor in the degradation of paper. This option is available with some of the most popular papers in the range. Use of high-quality pulp and dyes makes the colors fade-resistant, and the paper resists creasing well. These characteristics make MERMAID suitable for long term storage or preservation.
    To suit diverse uses, it is available in a number of specialized specifications, including a pearlized gloss (KIRABIKI M-115), versions for watercolor painting (DRAWING MERMAID), and inkjet papers.